Friday, February 11, 2011

Zacharys/Viva Bar Pizza - Kings Cross

Note: Zacharys is now known as Viva Bar
This is a nice place. It's so good, I, personally, want it to be in Leichardt! The pizzas are good - a lot of amazing flavors and combinations are available. The bar serves good beers and wine. The place is usually packed so its a good idea to book in advance. I'd like to add: This place is great for having group dinners/get-togethers. Parking is hard to find so public transport is your best bet.
As far as the pizzas go, do not miss the Tandoori Chicken pizza - it's a stunner. Most pizzas are great. As far as wine is concerned, buy a few bottles and that'll take care of the night for most small groups.
All in all: good for parties, 8-15 people groups. Make sure to book in advance.
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