Thursday, February 17, 2011

Delhi 'o' Delhi

Indian food for Australians. Good quality, nicely laid out and more on the fine dining side of things. Not hardcore Indian food the way most people who know Indian food would like it to be. If you can't take hardcore Indian, this is the place for you. Clean, polished and the food is good. Romantic date? Indian? Can't go past this place.
The food is slightly more expensive than your usual Indian in Sydney but then the place has got some finesse as well. Don't depend too much on the wine list, go BYO for a complete experience. Seafood is done the best. All other curries are a bit too westernized for my taste but if I'm feeling like typical Indian Punjabi food, I go to Surjit's.
All in all: good place to have classy Indian in the Inner-west area.
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